MK-dent Eco Line 1:1 LE01 Straight

Contra-angle handpiece. Smooth Eco body, Powerful housing, Timeless design.

MK-dent Eco Line 1:1 Straight


At the heart of every outstanding contra-angle handpiece are exceptional gears. MK-dent Long-Life gears are engineered to excel at every angle, encouraging complete synthesis between dentist and instrument. Optimized for vibration-free performance thanks to improved torque ratio and class-leading precision.

Standard gear design in contra-angle handpieces provides a constant speed ratio.

The exterior design incorporates beautiful materials throughout the body and an exquisite chrome finish. From the curved corners of the Classic grip to the firm pressure on the push button, every detail has been carefully considered.

  • HP-burs (Ø 2.35 mm)
  • 40,000 rpm non-load speed
  • Single spray outlet
  • ISO coupling type
  • 100 g weight
  • Long-life gears
  • Range of transmission
  • Chrome coating

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