MGF Air Compressors

Specialising in the production of oil-free compressors, silent compressors, OEM compressors, industrial compressors and suction systems for the dental industry for over 20 years.

Company Profile

MGF was born in 1977, founded by Mr Gabriele Fiani as a company specialising in compressed air applications. MGF production is shared between dental/medical, silent professional and industrial compressors; the development of such different ranges enabled MGF to build an important know-how level for the best customer satisfaction and also guarantees the company has continuous development. 

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On the basis of the experience developed over the years MGF is also able to offer customized solutions to face the needs of those customers that require special compressor applications. Typical characteristics of MGF compressors are: simple, complete and easy to understand instrumentation, light and quick maintenance operations and the continuous effort to always improve. MGF is a EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


1-2 Chair Compressor

Oil free air compressor with noise reduction.

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4-5 Chair Air Compressor with Dryer

Oil free air compressor serves up to 5 surgeries

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MGF 100/30 Tandem Prime M

5-6 Chair Air Compressor

Oil free dental air compressor with new membrane air dryer

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MGF 100/50 Tandem Prime S

6-8 Chair Compressor

Oil free dental air compressor without air dryer

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MGF Prime 10 bar oil-less compressors for milling machines (CAD-CAM)

Range of machines from 40 - 100 litre capacity

10 bar oilless compressors, properly studied for dental and medical laboratories, milling machines (CAD-CAM compressors), gas generators and for all those applications where operating pressure till 8 bar is required.

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