Vatech PaX-i3D Green CBCT

Ultra Low Dose X-ray Imaging

Vatech PaX-i3D Green CBCT


Green CBCT

* Innovative technology for ultra low X-ray dose

* Green CBCT protects both patient and user

Rapid Scan

* Minimised motion artifact and fastened workflow

* Superb image quality from the rapid 5.9 sec scan

Multi FOV Sizes

* Wide range of FOV size from 5X5 to 16X10

* Optimal size for purposed diagnosis reducing X-ray exposed to patients

Easy and Simple Software - Ez3D-I

* Easy to learn, easy to use

* Intuitive User-Interface and powerful consulting tools


PaX-i3D Green offers convenient and safe 'Auto-Switching' system between CBCT and Panoramic sensors. This smart system conveniently prevents sensor damage from accidental dropping.

Cephalometric (Scan Type)

PaX-i3D Green provides optimal images with an exclusively designed sensor for cephalometric diagnosis. As it offers two image sizes, LAT and Full LAT, you can choose one of them based on the purposes of your diagnostic needs.

Built-in Sensor System

It enables you to acquire high quality images in a safe and comfortable environment. You don't need to spend time to change the sensor.

Cephalometric (One Shot Type)

Superior image quality will be delivered using the a-Si TFT sensors. It provides up to three different image sizes in LAT and PA modes reducing unnecessary X-ray dose for patients. It makes your diagnosis more professional.

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