Belmont Compass (E) Ambidextrous Treatment Centre

Ambidextrous Belmont electric dental chair with chair-mounted operating light, rotatable cuspidor and integral service centre.

Belmont Compass (E) Ambidextrous Treatment Centre


Base-mounted delivery system, Electric version (E) consists of:

Compass dental chair features include:

  • Twin-articulating headrest
  • 8 preset positions, Last-Position memory (LP) & Auto-Return
  • Swing out armrests
  • Integral service centre with air & water regulators & pressure indicators
  • Synchronsed axis backrest
  • 8-way foot control

Base-mounted swing-around delivery system features include:

  • NSK NLX-Plus fibre-optic micro-motor
  • Preset micro-motor & torque control with Auto-Reverse & LED display
  • NSK Scaler with optic
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • 3 handpiece outlets with individual air & water control
  • 2 fibre-optic VLM hose
  • 1 handpiece outlet (Borden or Midwest)
  • Height-adjustable Operator’s console
  • Easy-clean membrane switch panel
  • 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • Table safety lock device
  • LED display
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • Handpiece line flush-out system
  • Handpiece oil mist collector
  • Bottled water system

Chair-mounted rotatable Cuspidor unit (left & right) features include:

  • Easily-detached porcelain cuspidor bowl with 180º rotation~
  • OPTION: Blue / Pink / Green glass bowl (in place of porcelain cuspidor bowl)
  • Assistant’s console
  • Assistant 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • Easily-detached HV & ejector tubings
  • Automatic bowl-flush & cup-filler
  • Assistant-side chair preset controls

Belmont 902 LED Unit Mounted Operating Light

features include:

  • White natural beam (5000 Kelvin)
  • Touchless sensor switch
  • 10 LED bulbs
  • Composite Curing Safe Mode
  • Triple-axis head movement
  • Auto ON/OFF with preset chair positions

With Built-In Options:

  • Durr Spittoon Valves

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