Ancar S1-W (Sd-150)

Whip Arm (Continental Rod-Type) Treatment Centre

Ancar Sd-150 Whip Arm Dental Chair Package - Series 1

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Consists of:

Chair Section

  • Multi-position headrest for children and adults
  • 5 preset positions, Last Position Memory & Auto-Return
  • Built-in service centre with air & water filter regulators
  • Multi-function foot pedal with chair movement and instrument control with water and chip blower selector
  • Right and Left hand armrest (with 180° rotation)
  • Made in light anticorrosive aluminium alloy
  • Safety cut-outs to base, backrest, console, keypad and footpedal
  • Trendelenburg movement

Chair-mounted Rotatable Cuspidor Unit

  • High-capacity porcelain cuspidor bowl
  • 75° rotation for access to the left side
  • Cup filler & bowl flush
  • Easy-clean suction filter
  • Bottled Water System

Chair-mounted Assistants Console

  • 1 High Volume evacuator
  • 1 Saliva Ejecto
  • Chair movement, memory and cup-filler controls

Chair-Mounted ‘Over Patient’ Whip Arm Delivery System

  • Easy Touch control panel – intuitive and ergonomic
  • 4 handpiece outlets with individual air & water control
  • 2 No. Fibre Optic Outlets
  • Luzzani 3-way syringe with autoclavable tip
  • Aluminium tray and arms with pneumatic brake
  • Auxiliary instrument tray

Faro Maia LED Operating Light
  • With Unit-mounted light post
  • Adjustable light intensity to reduce eyestrain and increase concentration
  • Adjustable intensity 3,000 – 35,000 lux
  • 5000 degree Kelvin colour temperature
  • No cooling fan required, eliminating noise

Optional Items Included:

  • Durr Spittoon & Isolation Valves
  • 2 No. Fibre Optic Midwest Outlets
  • Satelec Newtron Scaler
  • 4 No. additional Luzzani autoclavable 3:1 tips
2 Year Warranty (2nd year parts only, terms and conditions apply)
Unit Configuraton L-R:3:1 | Midwest Optic | Midwest Optic | Midwest Non-Optic | Scale

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series 1 video about ancar

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