78 MPR Dental Practice

Advanced dental tech supply and installation for holistic, patient-centred care, enhancing treatment efficiency and comfort in a state-of-the-art setting.

78 MPR Dental Practice


78 MPR (Mount Pleasant Road), a distinguished dental practice in Tunbridge Wells, is part of Dr. Farid Monibi's esteemed 76 Harley Street network.

Specialising in general, family and pediatric dentistry, the clinic is dedicated to providing patients with a lifetime of optimal dental health through a minimally invasive, holistic approach.

Utilising the latest in innovative technology within a warm, welcoming environment, the team brings their skills and dedication directly to Kent.

To align with their high standards and commitment to top-tier dentistry, Eclipse Dental was tasked with equipping the practice to specifications, working in close coordination with the client's builder.


We provided a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of 78 MPR, ensuring that the practice was equipped with the very best in dental technology.

The installation included:

  • 3 Ancar S1-W Chairs: These state-of-the-art chairs enhance patient comfort and ensure optimal ergonomics for procedures.
  • 3 Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pumps: Reliable and efficient suction systems play a pivotal role in upholding a hygienic and secure dental setting.
  • Cattani AC200 Air Compressor: This high-quality air compressor provides the necessary power for a wide range of dental tools and equipment, ensuring smooth operations.
  • W&H 22L Lisa Autoclave: A top-tier sterilisation unit, essential for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety.
  • Belmont Touch X-rays: Advanced imaging technology for precise diagnostics and treatment planning.
  • PS Pix Scanner: This scanner facilitates quick and efficient digital imaging, enhancing the patient experience and treatment accuracy.
  • Acteon C50 HD Cameras: High-definition intraoral cameras for detailed visual examinations, improving patient communication and treatment outcomes.

This selection of equipment reflects Eclipse Dental's commitment to providing the latest innovations in dental technology, supporting holistic and minimally invasive approaches to patient care.


The installation and customisation of high-end dental equipment at 78 MPR have elevated the practice into a state-of-the-art facility, perfectly reflecting the clinic's branding and commitment to excellence in dentistry.

A standout feature is one of the surgeries, distinguished by a glass partition with automatic frosting.

This innovative element not only enhances privacy during procedures but also adds a luxurious feel, seamlessly blending the surgery and waiting room areas and enriching the patient's experience.

The collaboration between Eclipse Dental and the client's construction team has resulted in an environment that is both technologically advanced and welcoming, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.

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