Belmont Touch Intra-Oral X-Ray

Belmont Touch Phot-X II DC X-Ray with touchscreen control

Belmont Touch Intra-Oral X-Ray


Touchscreen control key features:

  • Easy-clean glass screen
  • Handheld exposure switch
  • USB port
  • Wall-mounted
  • Sleep Mode
  • Instant Error Code reports
  • Multilingual operation system
Phot-X IIS key features:

  • DC X-Ray
  • Safety-conscious technologies
  • Zero-drift balance-arm
  • Simple operation
  • Digital and film compatible
  • Adult/adolescent/child presets
  • Cone length options
  • Handheld exposure switch
  • Easy-clean, smooth surfaces
  • Rectangular Collimator
  • Lockable keypad
  • Manual override
  • Mounting options
  • Retrospective-fitting option
Phot-X IIS key technical features:

  • Tube voltage 60kV or 70kV
  • Tube current 3mA or 6mA
  • Focal spot 0.4mm
  • Exposure time 0.01 to 3.2 seconds
Cone length options:
SSD (Source to Skin Distance):

  • Regular Cone: 203mm
  • Long Cone: 305mm
  • Rectangular Cone: 203mm

Primary arm length options:

  • 30cm (300mm) / Maximum reach = 1,422mm
  • 80cm (800mm) / Maximum reach = 1,922mm
  • 100cm (1,000mm) / Maximum reach = 2,122mm
Model Options:

  • Belmont Touch WK (505WK) wall-mounted
  • Belmont Touch FM (505FM) with mobile base
  • Belmont Touch RK (505RK) room type with stool
  • Belmont Touch FK (505FK) floor-mounted
  • Belmont Touch CK (505CK) ceiling-mounted

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