Dental Lounge Eltham Squat Practice

Transforming a commercial space into a cutting-edge dental practice with advanced equipment and design, enhancing both patient care and efficiency.

Dental Lounge Eltham Squat Practice


Dental Lounge Eltham is committed to providing patients with gentle, high-quality treatments in a serene and comfortable setting.

Under the leadership of Dr. Iraj Almasi, the clinic has established a reputation for fostering enduring relationships with its patients, ensuring each individual receives personalised and attentive care.

This project represented a significant milestone, being a new squat practice fit-out. We played a crucial role, supplying the necessary equipment and collaborating seamlessly with the client's chosen builder to bring this vision to fruition.


The solution for the Dental Lounge Eltham fit-out involved a comprehensive selection of high-end dental equipment and furnishings for their surgery and decon room.

Additionally, we installed durable and hygienic flooring throughout the entire practice, harmonising the aesthetics with the functionality of the space.


The transformation of a commercial space into Dental Lounge Eltham was a remarkable achievement.

The successful collaboration with the client's builder was pivotal in converting this shop into a state-of-the-art dental facility. This synergy between us and the construction team ensured that the practice was not only functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing.

This project exemplifies our commitment to creating environments that enhance professional performance and patient care.

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