Electric Bundle: Eco-Line Handpieces

MK-dent electric motor optic handpiece bundle with 8 handpieces and coupling optic

Electric Bundle: Eco-Line Handpieces


The Eco-Line grip is ergonomically designed and its smooth, chrome coated surface is virtually scratchproof. Re-profiled air inlet ports improve the airflow into the head chamber, powering the AeroPerformance Blade.

The perfect balance of each rotor and ceramic bearings give a vibration-free efficiency and maximum wear resistance. The four-fold spray ensures safe work with optimal cooling of the preparation site. Specifically developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.

This bundle consists of:

3 x Highspeed Handpieces optic, standard head, quattro spray HE21KL
1 x Quick Connector coupling optic QC6016K
1 x Contra Angle Handpiece 1:5 speed increasing optic LE15L
3 x Contra Angle Handpiece 1:1 non-optic internal water supply LE11L
1 x Straight handpiece non-optic internal water supply LE01L

Equipment Filter

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