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In a world exclusive, Heka Dental have harnessed the air by integrating the W&H Primea Advanced Air turbine within their UnicLine S Treatment Centres.

Harness the air with Heka Dental!

Up to this point, air turbines lost power as soon as they were brought into contact with any resistance. The only practical solution was to use a micromotor, but these were heavy and tended to put a strain on the operator’s hand.

The W&H Primea Advanced Air turbine solves this problem. Available as part of the UnicLine S instrumentation, it is the world’s first in its class and offers adjustable bur speed to provide a constant removal rate, even at an increasing load on the bur. Due to its built-in sensor, it can compensate for increased load by increasing the air supply, thereby delivering a constant removal rate without any loss in speed, whilst able to work with adjustable speed in the range from 60,000 to 320,000 rpm.

The W&H Primea Advanced Air turbine enables Dentists to work at optimal, recommended bur and application speeds with better control in the preparation phase. Cutting quicker and easier than “traditional” air turbines it makes life easier in a myriad of applications including crown and bridge preparations, separation of crowns and bridges, removal of composites and amalgam, finishing and much, much more.

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