Heka UnicLine S Treatment Centre

Heka UnicLine S - A comfortable and relaxed framework for both the patient and the dentist.

Heka UnicLine S Treatment Centre

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Our aim with UnicLine S has been to create a beautifully functional Nordic design in solid materials, such as aluminium and glass, which at the same time generates a comfortable and relaxed framework for both the patient and the dentist.

Lighting ergonomics has also been an extremely important element in our work on UnicLine S, e.g. the dentist and dental assistant are able to see the active instrument from the corner of their eyes and thereby they are able to stay focused on the patient's mouth without having to look around. This avoids straining the eyes by constantly having to change focus and light intensity.

On the balanced spring model each instrument is perfectly balanced and the extra long silicon hoses ensure ergonomically correct working postures. UnicLine S instrument's are balanced so your hand does not need to bear the instrument's weight or experience influence from external forces when you are performing precision work.

The display and touch keys are located under the glass of the delivery table and are only visually active depending on the situational function. With a surface of hardened glass, we have created the most hygienic surface possible and display/touch keys can be deactivated during cleaning.

The UnicLine S' arm hides the cables, water and air lines behind its light, but hard wearing surface of anodized aluminium. The big joints move with precision in every direction, despite the various strains they come under from the delivery table, monitor, x-ray unit and light.

The assitant's arm is designed with a telescopic arm that can be adjusted from two to four-handed treatment or from right to left handed dentist in seconds.

The unique patented round foot control can be activated from all directions with either right or left foot releasing you from any fixed working postion. The foot control regulates the speed and the intensity of the chosen instrument. UnicLine S can also be delivered with a conventional, variable foot control. All foot controls come also as wireless.

Maximum patient weight: 240Kg

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