Our Offer & Approach

Our Purpose - What Drives Us

Our purpose is to enable dental practices to be successful in the ways that dental practitioners value and appreciate the most.
We thrive on maximising every opportunity to help dentists, and their teams, be at their best. We do this by making their spaces work better for them, their staff, their customers and their businesses.
What excites us is the challenge of making the most of every new space we design. We enable every dental practice we work with to operate at the highest performance levels and be as successful as possible.
This sense of achievement, and knowing that we make a tangible and lasting difference, drives us forward.

We’re proud of the impact we have.

Our Vision - What are we known for?

We see an exciting future where dental practitioners are holistically supported and advised by highly capable suppliers and their partners.
We’re setting out to be the trusted advisor for the operational success of every dental practice we work with.

Our Offer & Approach
Our Offer & Approach

Our Offer and Approach

Bring the Dental Practice Success Built-In offer and approach alive
We create the high performance design and operations set-up and support services for your dental practice to be successful.

We do this through a unique 3 Stage Approach.

What we do and how we do it

Our Dental Practice Success Approach As your business partner, we’ll carefully consult with you and advise on the right operational refinements for your business. We’ll also introduce you to trusted and highly capable specialists to help drive your business performance even further.

  • We discuss and identify what success looks like for your dentalpractice
  • We define and agree a plan to create success for your dental practice
  • We work collaboratively to help you create and run successful dental practices through our expertise and the relationships we bring
Everything we do is focused on helping you to make your dental practice a success.
Our Offer & Approach

Our Offer & Approach - Dental Practice Success Built-in & 3 Stage Approach

YOUR Dental Practice Success Criteria
  • Identifying what success looks like for your dental practice business.
YOUR Dental Practice Success Plan
  • Applying our knowledge and design skills, we propose the design and the right-specification equipment solution for the project and a service plan for your practice to achieve maximum service up-time
YOUR Dental Practice Success Delivery and Check-In’s
  • We implement YOUR Dental Practice Operations Success Plan, minimising disruption to the practice
  • Ongoing, we review how the space is working for you and keep you up-to-date with the latest ways to keep the space operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. This means you’ll be reassured that the space is operating at high performance levels

What Dental Practice Success Built-in means to YOU

Need to be competitive, retain the right staff and deliver highly recommended customer experiences - every time?
  • Our focus is on the long-term success of your dental practice
  • We create spaces that work for dental practitioners, staff and patients alike
  • We design, build, equip and maintain your dental practice for ongoing success
  • Our unique 3 Stage Approach creates value throughout your dental practice
  • Operational efficiency and customer experience ‘Set-Up for Success’ guarantee
  • Cost-effectiveness built-in, compliance assured
  • Operations continuity, efficiency and effectiveness guaranteed

This is Dental Practice Success Built-in.

Our Promise
Everything we do is focused on helping you to make your
dental practice a success.

What does dental practice success look like for you? We’ll help you to achieve it.
Client Testimonials
  • “Eclipse are very flexible and listen to your needs. We are very impressed with the quality of workmanship they delivered.”

    - Dr Paul John Jones, Cyfarthfa Dental Care

  • “Eclipse were always accommodating of any requests and would always go the extra mile. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

    - Dr S. Yusef Moazzam Ali, Ivy House Dental Practice