Miscea Light

Touch free tap with hand sanitization

Miscea Light


Integrated liquid dispenser system engineered directly into the faucet for convenience and hygiene benefits. Through fast and reliable sensor activation, the miscea LIGHT readily dispenses soap and water for efficient hand sanitization.

Water and soap is sensor operated via intelligent infrared sensors. Hands never come in contact with the faucet keeping both faucet and hands clean and hygienic.

Smart Safety Feature Against Bacteria:

The LIGHT system has an inbuilt safety feature against bacteria. It will automatically run a cleaning cycle, flushing water and all liquids to prevent harmful waterborne bacteria growth usually found in stagnant water. For added personalisation, these cycles can be programmed as desired with the miscea remote control.

Easy To Use:

Clear display of soap and water on the user interface makes using the miscea LIGHT a breeze. LED light indicators let users know if soap or water is being activated for use.

Compact Design:

Small and compact in design, the miscea LIGHT helps to save valuable washroom space.

System Components:

The miscea LIGHT system comprises of two main components:

  • the miscea LIGHT faucet
  • the soapbox

The soapbox is mounted under the washbasin and the faucet is connected to the water mains. Hygiene products are connected to the miscea LIGHT via the soapbox. Operating on just 12 volts, the miscea LIGHT does not require batteries; ensuring wash stations are always operational.

Installation & Personal Settings:

Using industry standard measurements, it is extremely easy to install the miscea LIGHT as it fits in most washbasins. The soapbox is also very quick and easy to install with the mounting plates provided.

Adjusting settings, such as the amount of soap can be altered easily and conveniently by using the handy miscea remote control.

Default Settings:

  • Response time of water flow stop - 1 sec
  • Dispense volume of soap - 1 ml
  • Automatic cleaning cycle: water - user defined

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