Durr FD360 Cleaning Spray Fluid for Vinyl Upholstery

Cleaning fluid for the deep cleaning and care of vinyl upholstery, such as dental chairs and stools.

Durr FD360 Cleaning Spray Fluid for Vinyl Upholstery


Use FD 360 to gently cleanse and maintain the vinyl upholstery surfacesof dental chairs and stools.

The cleanser ensures cleanliness and – with a few millilitres weekly – a long-lasting glossy and shining surface.

With FD 360 you protect the long-term value of your dental equipment.

  • Cleaning agent, gentle on materials, combined with a care product for long-term value-retention
  • Intensive cleaning effect - removes stains of all kinds, rims and discolouration
  • Certified material compatibility – recommended by leading equipment manufacturers
  • Ideal for treatment units in combination with FD 366 sensitive

Ingredients: Special surfactants, silicone compounds and care formula based on avocado oil

Available as: Set with 500 ml spray bottle, 1 FD polishing wipe and 9 special sponges

  1. Use FD 360 as required.
  2. Spray the cleansing fluid undiluted on the surface to be cleansed or the special sponge or the FD Polishing wipe.
  3. Rub FD 360 in with a cloth or with a special sponge or FD Polishing wipe for intensive cleaning. This helps with an even more efficient deep cleaning.
  4. Wipe off the residue of FD 360 with a dry cloth when finished.

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