Dentapure DPI365B Independent Water Bottle Cartridge

Ensuring Dental Unit waterline safety has never been easier: providing clean, safe dental water for an effective infection control protocol.

Dentapure DPI365B Independent Water Bottle Cartridge

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Installs onto your unit's exisitng water bottle pickup tube via included quick-connect fitting.

  • 1 installation provides 365 days of safe, compliant dental unit water
  • Cartridge reduces bacterial exposure by eluting non-allergenic, elemental iodine into dental water
  • Change every 365 days
  • We remind you when it is time to replace your cartridge
  • No other adictives required to be mixed with the water

The Dentapure cartridge uses the same technology developed for NASA to ensure that water consumed in space is safe from harmful levels of bacteria and many other harmful organisms.

The implications from improperly treated dental unit waterlines are far too great to ignore. What you can't see may harm your patients, your staff and your practice's reputation. Read the attached PDF to discover more.

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