Dental Stools Upholstery and Re-Upholstery Services

Tired or worn out dental chairs, stools and seating can be refurbished with improved safety and hygiene from our specialists.

Dental Stools Upholstery and Re-Upholstery Services


If you have any scratch marks, scuffs, slits or tears in your dental chair vinyl they can present an infection control issue, so by re-upholstering you can eliminate this risk. Also, re-holstering chairs and seats to match a new décor can keep down costs instead of replacing equipment.

These are the options we provide:

  • A professional re-upholstery service on-site and out of hours if necessary
  • A wide range of material and colour choices
  • Clear vinyl scuff guards
  • Removing seams which can be a source of bacterial entry
  • All materials are CQC compliant
  • Most manufacturers of dental chairs are catered for
  • Saddle seats and operator stools
  • Waiting room furniture

Contact us on 01322 292222, email at or use this Contact Form for more information and to book this service. We will arrange a convenient date and time to visit and carry out the works.

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