Bien Air MX2 Micromotor

The MX2 Brushless Micromotor, with adjustable LED light

Bien Air MX2 Micromotor


  • Brushless micromotor, with no sensor, for exeptional reliability
  • 100 - 40,000 rpm
  • Max. torque 3.5 Ncm
  • LED light with adjustable intensity and internal spray
  • Sterilisable without protection
  • O-rings resistant to repeated sterilisations
  • Lifetime-lubricated ball bearings
  • Compatible with Type E coupling as per ISO 3964 and Micro-Series instruments
  • 400° rotating coupling on the hose

Coupled with the new Bien Air Micro-Series instruments, you will benefit from a unit that is 30% shorter and 23% lighter. The result is unparalleled balance and comfort while still giving the performance of the famous MX: constant power, perfect control of the speed, torque and reversal of the direction of rotation. Thanks to Smart-Logic electronic control, the MX2 is exceptionally stable and powerful, even at low speeds (100 rpm). This means just two instruments are required to carry out all operations.

The MX2 LED proves itself to be the ideal companion for endodontics.

Thanks to it's lifetime -lubricated ball bearings, the MX2 is sterilisable and yet maintenance free. For further optimised hygiene and implementation.

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