Vatech EzRay Air Hand Held Intraoral X-ray system

The world's lightest intraoral portable X-ray. Portable innovation to fit your clinic.

Vatech EzRay Air

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Installations are not required. Open the box and start right away.

EzRay Air, wireless portable intraoral X-ray system from Vatech, satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by creating stable and clear images at all times.

  • Lightweight - only 1.4kg - designed to protect the operators wrist, arms and spine with a simple and hand-held design
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Focal spot of 0.4mm
  • 65kVp for sharper images
  • Smart positioning for automatic angle detection
  • Smart dial for all settings
  • Internal shielding
  • External backscatter shielding
  • Additional accessories including Rectangular Collimator for dose reduction and Neck and Hand strap

EzRay Air helps to provide high-resolution and detailed X-ray images along with the sophisticated intraoral X-ray technology for reliable diagnosis and a faster and easier workflow.

Why get a portable X-ray?

  • Save cost - No need to pay for the additional costs of construction and pre-inspection.
  • Save time - No need to spend time measuring the room, using a whole day for installation.
  • Save space - No need to make room for the equipment to be installed.
  • Non-stop - If your wall-mounted X-ray malfunctions, this can ensure your practice continues to operate.
  • Always prepared - No matter what the situation, you can always be ready with a fully charged portable unit.
  • Stress free - Patients do not need to walk into the X-ray room, they can receive treatment and results from the chair.

Also required Critical Examination Test Pack to be purchased seperately at £192.00 excluding VAT

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