Owandy Cam HD

Explain clinical procedures to your patients more easily! Your patients will feel more involved and have greater trust in the process.

Owandy Cam HD


Requiring no adjustments at all, this unit delivers perfectly clear images, from a full smile to just one tooth - and will save you time, too! Its “focus free” feature gives a greater field depth and high quality images.

Its curved shape and ultra-slim head make for greater patient comfort and prevent injuries to the mouth. Its 105° viewing angle sets it apart from other cameras on the market, by enabling more effective exploration of distal areas.

Set your images by simply sliding over the touch button. There’ll be no blurry images, allowing you to work with complete confidence. The USB2 connection makes it easy to move the camera around and share it with your colleagues and partners, anywhere in your surgery!

100% integrated, the Owandy-Cam HD is fully embedded in all leading software packages.

Technical Features

  • Sensor - High sensitivity 1⁄4 ” Sony CCD
  • Resolution - 50 images / sec
  • Lighting - 8 LEDs
  • Adjustment - Focus free, large field depth
  • View angle - 105°
  • USB Cable Length - 2.5m
  • Handpiece Size (L x W x H) - 205 x 28 x 24mm
  • Thickness of Intraoral Part - 11mm
  • Handset Weight - 55g
  • Image Setter - Touch button

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