Ancar S7 Folding Leg Dental Chair - Series 7

Easy access to elderly or disabled patients and facilitates the treatments where the frontal view of the face is required.

Ancar S7 Folding Leg Dental Chair - Series 7

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The precise representation of elegance mixed with ergonomics, providing an exclusive result for all the dental specialists across the globe who seek practicality, comfort and perfection not only in their work, but also in their patients’ experience. Discover the endless possibilities of the S7 chairs together with the Scandinavian Alone versions!


  • Vertical lift chair with folding leg rest to 90 degrees.
  • 230mm foot rest length, foot rest automatically extensible.
  • Automatic and synchronized movement in back rest, leg rest and foot rest.
  • Minimum seat height 480mm.
  • Maximum seat height 780mm (300mm stroke).
  • Two lifting speeds: standard one and slow one for fine adjustments.
  • Suitable for tall size patients: maximum distance between headrest and footrest 1980mm.
  • Lifting and back rest movements through built-in pedal to the chair (Joystick 1).
  • 4 memory positions: 3 working ones and zero position (Joystick 2).
  • Large capacity patient load: Max 165Kg.
  • Fixing on the floor with 4 screws.
  • Optional base in case the fixing on the floor is not required.
  • Adaptable to 'Scandinavian Alone Units'

Especially Suitable For:

  • Easy-access for elderly or disabled people.
  • Efficient use of space. Suitable for small-space boxes (minimum size of the chair in zero position).
  • It does allow verbal and natural communication between the Doctor and the patient.
  • Facilitates the treatments where the frontal view of the face is required.

Made in light, anti-corrosive aluminium alloy: Aluminium Core.

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