Ancar S-Line Standard Chair with Whip Arm S3W

Classic elevation and standard patient chair with whip arm instrument tray offering the best solution for left and right handed professionals.

Ancar S-Line Standard Dental Chair with Whip Arm S3W


A modern, sleek and ergonomic dental unit, made completely out of aluminium, that will make your daily work easier and that will last for decades.

By having the hydric box separated from the chair and floor-mounted, the S3 range can be installed for right- as well as left-handed users.

Whip Arm Instrument Tray

3D movement of the instrument hoses.

Long, non-pulling instrument hoses (auto-compensated).

Self-compensated instrument tray arm with gas piston and without additional brake, which allows you to position the main instrument tray and lock it automatically into place, without doing anything, without having to press any button.

Very smooth movement of the instrument arm.

Ergonomic handles on the instrument tray for better handling.

Silicone mat on instrument tray is removable and sterilizable.

Right and Left Handed Units

The hydric box is ready to be mounted on the right or left side of the chair and therefore offers the best solution for left and right handed professionals. Same as the doctor’s instrument tray that can be turned to one side or the other, for the convenience of the practitioner.

Hydric Box Movement

The option to rotate (70°) of the upper part of the hydric box (spittoon box) has been maintained in order to offer greater access and to be able to get closer to the patient.

Connections Box

The connections box is located at the bottom of the hydric box or spittoon box. It is also possible to install a kit in order to have the connections on the front of the chair and thus adapt to most of the installation options required in the clinic.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Possibility to put the spittoon box on the left side of the chair for left handed users (specify on order).

Possibility to fix the aspiration hoses arm to the back of the chair to make it ambidextrous (specify on order).

Wireless foot pedal included.

Spittoon box can be turned away 70º for better access to the patient from both sides.

Assistant arm adjustable in height and with capacitive keyboard.


Spittoon bowl, faucet and cup holder, are removable and can be sterilized.

Standard suction hoses removable and thermo disinfected.

Designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.


Chair movements available on control pedal and keypad (principle and assistant).

Possibility of regulating the intensity of the lamp from the screen.

Touch Expert Pro

7-inch colour multi-touch screen, based on Android, orientable, with IPS technology and easy to use.

Upload of x-rays and photos, visualisation of images, videos and the unit's manuals.

Programming of scaler work parameters in ENDO, PERIO, SCALER, working range and light intensity in the instruments.

Adjustment of the operatinhg parameters of the micromotor (with ENDO functions):

Torque control in Ncm, direct or reverse rotation, irrigation mode (spray/water/air), type of contra angle and twwo types of speeds:

From 200 to 40,000 rpm and from 100 to 4,000 rpm.

S3 Customisation

S Line units are extremely customisable. Choose an elevation type, patient chair type and the way you like your instruments to be organised. It is an ideal chair to match your personal working style.

Other variations in this range:

S3C - Standard patient chair, classic elevation and mobile instrument cart.

S3C RC - Knee-break patient chair, classic elevation and mobile instrument cart.

S3H - Standard patient chair, classic elevation and hanging hose delivery.

S3H RC - Knee-break patient chair, classic elevation and hanging hose delivery.

S3W RC - Knee-break patient chair, classic elevation and whip arm delivery.

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