Sonria Dental Clinic

Refurbishments included:- Heka Dental replacement chair, glass partitions, new flooring and complete fit-out of decontamination area.


Sonria Dental Clinic is a holistic practice in the heart of Central London, offering aesthetic beauty and intravenous therapies in addition to an integrated application of dentistry that not only improves oral health, but total body health as well.

Our brief was to replace one of their chairs for a Heka UnicLine5D chair and move the position of an existing Adec chair.

A new glass partition was fitted along with new flooring and a complete fit-out of the decontamination area. This is a very unique room and the design needed to remain beautiful and elegant in keeping with the ornate ceiling, as can be seen in the images.

heka dental

Very happy with the service and reliability of the team. From the beginning to the end, everyone was always helpful and very kind. I definitely will recommend Eclipse Dental!

Dr Leyla Packham

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