Premier Dental Care, Chatham

Consultation room converted into a dental surgery with a Heka chair, Durr suction pump, mobile cart, wall-mounted operating light and all building works.

Premier Dental Care, Chatham


Dr Mo Uddin converted a staff room into a surgery with our services at his Nelson Road practice.

Impressed with the outcome, he employed us once again to convert a consultation room into a surgery at his Chatham practice. The objective was to expand their capacity to treat more patients, ultimately resulting in increased productivity for the dental practice.


To optimise workflow, the layout of the surgery was designed to be open and roomy.

We installed a Heka Dental Chair and DCI Mobile Cart for easy mobility. The wall-mounted Polaris operating light and cabinetry-mounted suction manifold permitted the space around the chair to remain open and clean. This also kept the costs low as there was no need for a spittoon.

We also supplied and installed a Durr VSA300S suction pump and a hand-held Vatech X-ray. Additionally, we fitted a pump for the waste as there was no gravity waste connection in this part of the building.

We carried out all plumbing, electrical and decorating works including the cove and cap, fitted vinyl flooring.


Through our insightful design solutions, we were able to create better experiences for both customers and staff.

The new surgery was able to accommodate more patients, leading to greater success for the dental practice.

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