Abbey Wood Dental Decon Room

Transforming Abbey Wood Dental's decon room into a compliant, well-lit workspace, optimising workflow and enhancing hygiene practices.

Abbey Wood Dental Decon Room


Abbey Wood Dental is a specialised dental facility offering a range of treatments, including restorative, hygiene, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures and oral surgery.

Dr Sundeep Photay, the principal dentist, had previously entrusted us with fitting out surgeries and a decon room at his other practice, Picardy Street Dental Practice.

Impressed with our work, Dr Photay requested a similar style and colour scheme for the decon room at Abbey Wood Dental, ensuring consistency and ease for the staff across both practices.


Our project encompassed a comprehensive refurbishment of the decon room at Abbey Wood Dental. We incorporated a range of features and elements to meet the client's requirements.

The solution included the installation of a Reverse Osmosis Unit for water purification, Yale light fittings for optimal illumination, an efficient extraction system for air quality control and LED cabinetry lighting to enhance visibility.

In addition, we provided cabinetry, flooring, electrical and plumbing works and completed the project with all decorating.


The outcome of the refurbishment project was a compliant, well-lit and easy-to-clean workspace for the decon room at Abbey Wood Dental.

Our design and implementation ensured an optimal workflow, making it convenient for the staff to operate seamlessly.

The incorporation of ample storage solutions addressed the practical needs of the facility, while maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic.

The result is a functional and efficient decontamination room that meets the highest standards of hygiene and enhances the overall operations of Abbey Wood Dental.

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