The Hidden Costs of Self-Project Management for Dental Practices

The idea of managing your own project might seem appealing, but hidden costs can quickly add up and lead to more significant expenses and delays.

The Hidden Costs of Self-Project Management for Dental Practices

Dental practice fit-outs can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking, which is why some dentists may consider self-project management as a way to save money.

However, while the idea of managing your own project might seem appealing, the hidden costs of self-project management can quickly add up and lead to more significant expenses and delays.

In this article, we'll explore the drawbacks of self-project management and the benefits of working with a specialist dental fit-out company.

The contents include:

  • The risks of self-project management
  • Time and cost implications
  • Dentists’ cautionary tales
  • Benefits of working with a dental fit-out company
  • Examples of successful projects

The Risks of Self-Project Management

One of the most significant risks associated with self-project management is the potential for unforeseen additional work and snagging issues.

When unexpected problems arise, it can lead to a loss of working time and money. Administrative tasks can also build up that distract from the primary focus of the dental practice.

Dentists who are not experienced in managing complex projects like dental practice fit-outs may be particularly vulnerable to these issues.

In addition to the risk of unforeseen problems, self-project management can also lead to increased costs and timelines.

For instance, it can take longer to:

  • Develop plans
  • Conduct assessments
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Research and hire contractors
  • Meet infection control standards
  • Adhere to building control requirements

These factors can lead to cost escalation and delays, and ultimately, affect the overall quality of the fit-out.

While some practice owners may feel comfortable managing various suppliers, contractors and deadlines themselves, we suggest taking advantage of our project managers' expertise and guidance to ensure that your vision is feasible and practical.

Contact us for a conversation about how we can determine the best design and build elements to improve your fit-out project’s efficiency.

Time and Cost Implications

The impact of self-project management on time and cost can be significant.

In addition to the need for research and contractor selection, there is also the matter of ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, such as fire, health and safety and CQC.

This can be a time-consuming process that requires specialised knowledge and expertise. There is always the risk of overlooking crucial details that could derail your project.

There is a greater likelihood that the project will exceed the initially estimated time and budget. This, in turn, can result in the dentist experiencing stress and frustration, as well as potential loss of revenue and patients.

Dentists' Cautionary Tales of Self-Project Management

We've heard numerous stories from dentists who tried to handle their practice fit-out projects on their own.

Even if they've had some experience in project management, they quickly realise that it was much more complex than they had anticipated.

They find themselves spending all their free time dealing with snags, coordinating with contractors and managing administrative tasks.

Some dentists spend countless hours researching materials and contractors and coordinating the work themselves.

However, if the project doesn't go as planned, they soon find themselves overwhelmed with the work.

Many dentists have shared their experience of handling their own practice fit-out. While they admit that the final results were good, they would never do it again.

In retrospect, they wish they'd hired a specialised dental fit-out company from the beginning.

According to them, the process was riddled with headaches, delays and unexpected costs, causing significant financial losses.

These stories show the perils of taking on a DIY approach to dental practice fit-outs.

While self-project management may appear to be a lower-cost option, it can quickly escalate beyond budget and timeframe, leading to a less-than-ideal outcome.

That's why it's important to carefully consider the benefits of working with a specialist dental fit-out company that can provide a fixed price, one point of contact, an understanding of downtime and experience with conforming to regulations.

Benefits of Working with a Dental Fit-Out Company

Working with a specialist dental fit-out company can offer significant benefits and alleviate the risks of self-project management.

They are experienced in managing projects from start to finish and have established relationships with dental practice builders, contractors, equipment suppliers and finance companies.

By employing them for your project, you can also enjoy the benefits of a fixed-price contract. This ensures that you don't encounter unexpected costs, and you can budget accordingly.

Dental fit-out and refurbishment companies understand the importance of minimising downtime, and they work diligently to complete projects within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Another significant benefit is their knowledge of regulatory requirements. They understand the compliance standards for fire, health and safety and CQC, ensuring that your practice is up to code and avoiding any potential liability issues.

Examples of Successful Projects

Working with a company that specialises in dental practice projects can result in successful and efficient practice fit-outs, allowing dentists to focus on their patients and business operations.

Here are a few examples of dentists we have partnered with to execute successful projects that resulted in creating an environment conducive to helping them be at their best.

Leading to greater outcomes for both the practitioners and their patients.

The Hidden Costs of Self-Project Management for Dental Practices

7oaks Clinic

Our brief was to create an implant-dedicated clinic and one of the most up-to-date and digitally equipped in the country.

Our team handled all aspects of the project, from redesigning the layout to installing the latest equipment.

Here's what we accomplished:

  • Re-designed the existing office layout and waiting area
  • Built a glassed entrance area and recessed refreshments bar
  • Provided specialist lead protection for the X-ray room and surgery
  • Outfitted decontamination room with bespoke cabinetry and sinks
  • Installed a suction pump and air compressor for a dedicated plant room
  • Refurbished surgeries with our Sedona cabinetry, down-lighting and durable flooring
  • Fitted out other areas including staff and disabled WC, break-out room, office and consultation room

The end result?

A cutting-edge dental practice that exceeded the client’s expectations and provides top-quality implant treatments for their patients.

“The setting up of a new practice is a challenging process and Eclipse worked methodically and responded well to issues as they encountered. The trades that Eclipse used during the fit-out were professional and efficient. We are delighted with the end result.”

The Hidden Costs of Self-Project Management for Dental Practices

ConfiDental Streatham

When Dr Brijesh Patel was moving his practice to a larger space, he turned to us for help with designing and equipping the new surgeries.

Our team rose to the challenge, providing expert advice and assistance to ensure a smooth transition.

Highlights of our work included:

  • Installing new dental cabinetry and equipment in all the rooms, including a fourth surgery
  • Designing the surgeries to fit the new space and accommodate existing equipment
  • Coordinating with the builder to install services to our specifications
  • Navigating the complex process of CQC inspections and sign-offs

Thanks to our efforts, Dr Patel's practice was able to relocate successfully and continue providing excellent care to his patients.

“Because of previous experience, I contacted Eclipse Dental to relocate our clinic. Their awareness of CQC regulations regarding equipment relocation and our necessity to minimise downtime was brilliant.”
Dr Brijesh Patel

The Hidden Costs of Self-Project Management for Dental Practices

Norfolk Square Dental Practice

Dr Ramin Hassani was faced with a common problem in his dental practice - limited space. But he knew exactly what he wanted and trusted us to help him create his vision.

Here's how we helped him:

  • Our in-house team provided a complete turn-key fit-out including building works.
  • We optimised the cabinetry design for functionality and a modern appearance.
  • We supplied and installed the Belmont Cleo II and Voyager III dental chairs.
  • We created a separate decontamination area with a glass screen.

Despite the challenges, we completed the project on time without any interruption to their clinic.

Dr Hassani is now able to offer top-quality dental care in a space that’s efficient and stylish, thanks to our expert design and installation.

“Eclipse listened to my ideas, they added a lot to them and improved my initial design. They had loads of realistic and creative ideas for a 21st-century dental practice! Two surgeries were refurbished on time without any interruption of our clinics.”
Dr Ramin Hassani


Dentists should carefully consider the risks of DIY approaches and at the very least, consult with a dental fit-out specialist to anticipate any potential problems.

At Eclipse, we act as a business partner, not just a supplier and provide design, build and support services.

By working closely with you and understanding your vision for future success, we meticulously evaluate every aspect of the design and build process.

Our goal is to ensure that each element contributes to your business performance and operational efficiency while fostering staff and customer loyalty and advocacy.

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