PlanDemo at Eclipse Dental: An Event Not to Be Missed!

Discover Planmeca's latest in dental technology, from dental chairs to imaging. Attend our event for expert insights and live demonstrations.

PlanDemo at Eclipse Dental: An Event Not to Be Missed!

Date: 17th November, 10.30am - 2pm

Venue: Eclipse Dental Engineering Ltd, 10-14 Kent Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 2AJ

Eclipse Dental is delighted to host Planmeca's cutting-edge mobile dental showroom, PlanDemo, on 17th November.

We warmly welcome all dental professionals to join us for this insightful event.

What's On Display?

PlanDemo is more than just a mobile showroom; it's a comprehensive platform designed to introduce you to the next level of digital dentistry.

From state-of-the-art imaging to advanced dental units, PlanDemo offers a complete suite of solutions.

Dental Units

Planmeca Compact i Classic: This dental unit is constructed with robust aluminium parts and an epoxy paint finish, ensuring it meets the strictest infection control requirements.

For patient experience, the chair's body-contoured design and memory foam upholstery ensure both firm support and extra comfort.

The unit also prioritises an ergonomic workflow, featuring balanced instrument arms that require minimal movement for operation, as well as an intuitive touch panel for effortless control.

For more information - click here.

Digital Imaging

Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic: This world-class imaging device is designed to provide intricate details of your patient's anatomy in the minutest detail.

It offers digital panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging, as well as 3D photos and model scans.

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Ultra Low Dose: Planmeca's unique imaging protocol allows for CBCT imaging at an even lower effective patient dose than standard 2D panoramic imaging.

Planmeca CALM: This feature solves the challenge of movement artefacts, particularly useful for children, individuals with special needs, or elderly patients. It compensates for slight movements to provide improved, diagnostic-quality images.

CAD/CAM Technologies

Planmeca Emerald S: This next-gen digital impression scanner is small, lightweight and incredibly fast, offering superior accuracy and outstanding speed.

Its ease of use and compatibility with Planmeca Romexis and Planmeca PlanCAD Easy software suites make it an indispensable tool for any modern dental practice.

Live Demonstrations

Real-Time CBCT Scans: Witness firsthand the quality and precision of Planmeca's ProMax 3D Classic and its Ultra Low Dose imaging protocol.

Interactive Experience with Planmeca Emerald S: Engage with this fast and accurate digital impression scanner and see how it can revolutionise your chairside workflow.

How to Participate?

Don't just read about advancements in dental technology; come and experience them for yourself.

Join us at the Eclipse Dental Engineering showroom on 17th November where will also offer:

Expert Consultation: Our knowledgeable team will be available to discuss tailored solutions for your dental practice.

Refreshments: As you explore the groundbreaking technologies on display, enjoy complimentary food and drinks to make your experience even more pleasant.

Register your interest: Simply complete and submit the form below to register your interest in the PlanDemo event.

We’re looking forward to helping you gain hands-on experience with the latest dental technologies.

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