How Our Remote Support Service Saved the Day

If your dental practice needs equipment support, don't let a breakdown ruin your day. Our remote support service will keep your practice running smoothly.

How Our Remote Support Service Saved the Day

An Equipment Disaster Averted: How the Remote Support Service from Eclipse Dental Saved the Day

It was a typical Tuesday morning at Dr Smith's dental practice.

Patients were being seen, appointments were being scheduled, and everything seemed to be running smoothly.

That is, until the dreaded moment when the suction pump suddenly stopped working...

How Our Remote Support Service Saved the Day

Dismay set in as Dr Smith discovered that their usual engineer wouldn't be able to make it out to the practice until the next day at the earliest.

A day without a suction pump meant turning away patients and losing valuable revenue.

But just as all hope seemed lost, Dr Smith remembered an email they had received from Eclipse Dental about their remote support service.

Eclipse Dental offers a remote support service that allows our support staff to potentially diagnose and resolve issues straight away, without the need for an on-site visit.

And the best part is, it's completely free of charge – whether you're a current client or not.

By sending a pre-recorded video or photos of the issue to our support team, or using the video call feature on WhatsApp, our staff can see the problem in real-time and begin working on a solution immediately.

remote support

This can save precious time and get your equipment up and running before an engineer would even be able to get out to you.

But what if the issue occurs outside of regular business hours?

Not a problem.

Our support staff have access to the messaging system and can respond or notify the engineers straight away; so that the problem can be dealt with first thing in the morning within our working day.

This is a more personal service that gives a one-to-one relationship with our clients. And should an engineer need to make an on-site visit, we only charge for that visit, but by then you have already saved in downtime.

If you're a dental practice in need of equipment support, don't let a breakdown ruin your day. Trust the remote support service from Eclipse Dental to keep your practice running smoothly and save you time and money.

"On a fully booked day with many emergency patients, our practice compressor stopped working. No other company was available to help for at least 10 days. John at Eclipse was our saviour that day! He investigated remotely and resolved the problem. As a result our service to our patients didn’t need to be disrupted."
Farizeh Khosravi

“Excellent service, Eclipse have worked tirelessly for us and have always come out same day if we have a problem stopping us working.”
Iain Soulsby

“The whole team was very helpful and patient, the engineer was also very good and took his time to find the cause of our problem and explained how we can avoid such problems in the future."
Casey Chisholm

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