Dental Suction Pump Rental

Our Suction Pump rental packages as an alternative to purchase, giving you peace of mind knowing that all servicing is covered and ensures compliance.

It is important for patient and user comfort to have a fully functional and well-designed suction pump to easily evacuate saliva and other liquids from the mouth during procedures. Suction pumps are the most common pieces of equipment to fail and if this goes down your practice cannot function. With the added complexity of Amalgam Separators, if they are not serviced annually, they are even more likely to break-down.

We supply and install new Suction pumps to many dental practices as well as offering service plans to reduce the risk of malfunctions. As an alternative to owning the equipment we offer Rental packages to give you peace of mind for compliance; receiving a high quality piece of equipment (Dry, Semi-dry or Wet) matched to your requirements, and less downtime due to our priority response for maintenance and repairs.

Why Rent?

  • Monthly payment – no unexpected bills
  • Priority emergency response in case of break down
  • Peace of mind for compliance
  • Less downtime
  • We can swap the machine if it can’t be fixed quickly
  • Minimum contract length 1 year – after this the contract can be terminated at any time
  • Simple pricing structure with no hidden extras

What is Included?

  • A quality & compliant suction pump matched to suit your requirements
  • Annual service and certificate
  • Annual service kit
  • Travel for call-outs related to suction issues half price
  • 10% off time on site and parts for repairs

Simple Pricing Structure

Rental packages are for areas covered by our engineers (London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex) and subject to our terms and conditions.

For more information call us on 01322 293333, email or use this contact form.

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