Do I need to have my dental equipment serviced?

Reasons for annual dental equipment servicing and maintenance and how we can advise and assist in this area.

'Do I need to have my dental equipment serviced?'

Dental engineers offer an invaluable service in a dental practice to keep essential machinery functioning and limiting costly downtime that may result from equipment failure. There are many negative outcomes to equipment breakdowns. They could:-

  • Effect the patient’s experience
  • Cause frustration to the user
  • Lead to rebooking of patients
  • Breakdowns can damage equipment, especially air compressors and suction pumps

CQC look for evidence that equipment is being serviced in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Regulation 15 has the intention of making sure that the equipment that is used to deliver care and treatment is clean, suitable for the intended purpose, maintained, stored securely and used properly. They can take regulatory action if the following guidance is breached:-

  • “There should be suitable arrangements for the purchase, service, maintenance, renewal and replacement of premises (including grounds) and equipment. These arrangements must make sure that they meet the requirements of current legislation and guidance, manufacturers' instructions and the provider's policies or procedures.”

So, to stop the problem before it happens is a definite advantage. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) will help to prevent equipment failure and ensure you are compliant to CQC guidelines.

‘Why should I use Eclipse Dental for equipment servicing?’

Annual servicing carried out by our experienced and trained engineers will reduce the chance of problems. They can diagnose malfunctions in existing as well as newly purchased equipment using manufacturers service kits and special test and analysis instruments. No job is too big or small, from carrying out a Pressure Vessel or Air Compressor inspection to setting up a full practice servicing programme. Part of their role is to also PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) test the dental equipment to regulatory standards.

They study technical manuals and attend training sessions provided by the equipment manufacturers aswell as researching repair part lists and advising your staff in the correct operation and maintenance of your equipment. They are also responsible for updating records of maintenance and repair.

We supply you with a service certificate which you can keep on record. This will satisfy your CQC inspector that your equipment is in good working order.

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