Miscea Classic

Touch free tap with soap and disinfection dispenser

Miscea Classic


By combining the functions of a water faucet with two dispensers, the miscea CLASSIC has made proper hand sanitization more convenient and efficient to perform. Instead of separate faucets and dispensers, you can now easily receive water and a combination of two hygiene products from one system.

  • Unique refill system consisting of vacuum-closed product packaging and peristaltic pumps further ensure optimal hygiene while reducing cleaning and maintenance processes
  • Eliminates problems of soap and disinfection leaks
  • Ingenious 3 in 1 design eliminates the need for drip trays as any liquid products dripping from the user's hands are neatly contained in the sink area when the Miscea CLASSIC faucet is installed
  • Finetune your soap and disinfectant usage with the handy miscea remote control

The CLASSIC system has an inbuilt safety feature against bacteria. It will automatically run a cleaning cycle, flushing water and all liquids to prevent harmful waterborne bacteria growth usually found in stagnant water. For added personalisation, these cycles can be programmed as desired with the miscea remote control.

Using the miscea CLASSIC is a completely touch free experience. It's as simple as moving your hand over the indicated section of the glass daisy to activate the product you want. The coloured LED light signals will show which product has been activated. Then simply place your hand under the faucet to receive the product.

Allows for touch free adjustments of the water temperature, activated by simply moving hands next to the '+' or '-' sectors until the desired temperature is reached.

Fast, clean & simple miscea refill system

Encased in a sleek and modern soapbox, the transparent and vacuum closed pouches hold up to 1L of product each. The vacuum seal method ensures a high and stable quality of the product inside. When the product pouches are empty, it's as simple as opening the quick release handles to remove the empty pouch, placing the new pouch over the connector and closing the quick release handles.

System Components

  • the miscea faucet
  • the soapbox
  • the waterbox

The soapbox and the waterbox are mounted under the washbasin and connected to the water mains. Hand hygiene refills are connected to the miscea CLASSIC by the soapbox. Operating on just 24volts, the miscea CLASSIC does not require batteries; ensuring hand hygiene stations are always operational.

Default Settings

  • Response time of water flow stop - 1 sec
  • Dispense volume of soap - 1 ml
  • Dispense volume of lotion or disinfectant - 3 ml
  • Automatic cleaning cycle : water - user defined

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