Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 25 Litre

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser, 1 x 25 Litre Alcohol free Sanitiser with Moisturiser, Food Safe and confirms to DIN EN1040, EN1276

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 25L


Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser, available in: 9 x 250ml, 5 litre and 25 Litre

Alcohol free with moisturiser, Food safe and confirms to DIN EN1040, EN1276

25 Litre £255.00 complete with tap

Non-Alcohol, High performance liquid hand sanitizer solution is suitable for use on the hands, to remove harmful infectious bacteria. A high performance anti-bacterial hand sanitizing solution. This diluted “ready to use” biocidal sanitation solution complies with the following standards: EN1276 (1*), Modified DIN EN 1276 (5*) and Modified DIN EN 1040 (5*).

Anti-Bacterial Product
Anti bacterial products are designed to target key features that a bacteria needs to survive and multiply thus killing or inactivating bacteria. This can involve several methods from cell wall destruction to forcing too much liquid inside the bacterial cell forcing it to burst. Inactivation renders the bacteria unable to reproduce effectively, stopping new bacteria forming.
Our active ingredient forces a change in pH generating a more acidic environment for the bacteria. This acidity disrupts bacterial function in multiple ways; acid damages the bacterial cell integrity making the bacterial contents vulnerable, the bacteria must then actively spend energy attempting to remove/ pump the acid outside or trying to produce alkalites to restore pH, all of which exhaust the bacteria and stop its reproduction. Finally the acid generates free radicals that damage all cellular components.

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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 25L


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