Vatech AnyCam IntraOral Camera Promotion

High Speed Digital Wireless Intra Oral Camera

Vatech AnyCam IntraOral Camera Promotion



  • High Speed Digital Wireless - provides more clear live image without noise
  • Built-in Mouse - Useable as an intraoral camera and mouse
  • Angled Handpiece Design - familiar and convenient design
  • Big Capacity Battery - long time use
  • Slim Head 330° Rotation - easy to get approach anywhere in oral cavity
  • OLED Screen - bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device stats
  • Easy Capture - can take image by capture button on the device without other equipment
  • Supports Windows XP(32 bit), VISTA, 7, 8 (32 & 64 bit * Not support Windows XP 64 bit)
  • EzDent-i - compatible with Vatech's Viewer S/W

Clearance Price / Discontinued Line

£1,880.00 including installation

Wireless Receiver

  • USB Power Operation - it doesn't need other electric power supply. The receiver works with USB electric power only
  • Compact Design - saves space
  • Unlimited Receiver Channel - digital wireless type support unlimited channel. User can use many receivers with one camera
  • Extension receiver holder

EasyDent Software

Unique Technology for diagnosis and communication! Excellent2D viewer plus patient management program.

  • Easy to learn, convenient to use
  • Powerful for communication with patient
  • Supports all kinds of image formats


Equipment Filter

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