TriHawk Talon Cutting Bur Promotion

One bur does it all. The Talon starts fast and finishes fast. Save time and money since there is no need to change from a diamond to a carbide.

TriHawk Talon Cutting Bur Promotion

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The amazing cutting speed of this tool can section and remove an old crown with 1 bur. The Talon will cut through the porcelain and cuts as fast during the last 10 seconds of a procedure as during the first 10 seconds.

The rounded end allows you to cut straight down as well as sideways. Only a gentle touch to the tooth and it starts cutting; therefore, no discomfort or pressure on your patients. Designed with sharp blades on the top and sides, it cuts both vertically and horizontally which makes procedures faster and more efficient.

Features of the Talon:

  • Removes 6 crowns in less than 1 minute
  • High cutting speed
  • Suitable for removing old crowns, bridges and amalgam
  • Cuts through porcelain, metal, zirconium, amalgam and enamel
  • Carbide bur

Special Promotion:

£99.75 for pack of 25

Buy 3 packs, get 1 pack free

In stock for next day delivery. Ask us about a sample or demonstration.

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