Handpiece Cleaning & Lubrication Machine

Easy to operate dental handpiece lubrication system.


Promotional Price - £799.00 + Installation

The key to high performance and longer life of your handpieces is correct maintenance performed at regular intervals. This unit automatically cleans and lubricates up to 3 handpieces at one time with a touch of a button.

This automatic handpiece maintenance system is the perfect solution for fast and simple maintenance of all brands of high and low speed handpieces, plus air motors. The unit is also designed to process all handpieces (3 handpieces) in less than 1 minute for preparation of sterilization. The automatic rotation function operates each handpiece during the cycle, and guarantees that each handpiece is correctly cleaned and lubricated. At the end of each cycle, compressed air flushes out any remaining residue solution and cleans both the coolant water and air channels

  • Auto cleans and lubricates 3 handpieces 2H and 1S
  • One touch button control
  • Cleans and lubricates in 35 seconds
  • Handpieces not included
  • Economical, efficient and time-saving
  • Filtered air used to rotate handpieces for safety
  • Solution level indicator
  • Detachable door for easy cleaning of unit
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Oil flow control valve

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