Owandy I-Max Ceph

The I-Max Ceph is the result of innovative technology, helping you keep control of your budget.

Owandy I-Max Ceph


Price excludes installation.

A multi-purpose diagnostic tool. The I-Max Ceph features a wide range of programmes that can be used for any type of examination your practice requires. Although there are 1001 ways to treat a particular case, there is only one correct diagnostic. The I-Max Ceph has been developed with this concept in mind.

Functionalities include 2D and Ceph imaging, designed to help you reach a more accurate medical diagnostic.

Incorporating ALI-S (Automatic Layers Integration System), the unit directly and automatically selects the best sections in order to display a perfect image, without any form of operator involvement.

A Controlled Budget

The best quality/performance ratio on the market.

Sleek and Stylish

A sleek, stylish design delivering an optimum performance.

24 2D Programs

Conduct all examinations necessary for your diagnostics.

Software Compatibility

Compatible with all leading management software on the market.

Intuitive Interface

Easy to handle unit and related software.

Exceptional Image Quality

You'll be able to view all clinical and anatomical details with maximum precision.


  • Standard panoramic
  • Right / left hemi-panoramic
  • Panoramic with reduced dose
  • Panoramic with improved orthogonality
  • Standard bitewing
  • Left / right hemi-bitewing
  • Frontal dentition
  • Sinuses
  • TMJ

Price excludes installation and PC.

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