Durr VistaPano S OPG

The new digital 2D panoramic radiography device with S-Pan technology

Durr VistaPano OPG


High quality 2D panorama radiography system.

  • S-Pan technology for easier diagnosis
  • Csl sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation
  • Slim design, small footprint
  • Extremely fast, panoramic images in 7 sec.
  • 7" touch-display for intuitive operation
  • Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning light lines
  • High speed scanning with low radiation dose

X-ray Programmes

With a total of 17 X-ray programmes, 4 of them children's programmes, you are well equipped for every diagnosis. In addition to the standard panoramic programme, VistaPano offers half-page X-rays right, left and front, as well as child mode of exposure with smaller exposure area. This reduces the dose by 45-56%, without loss of diagnostic information. Furthermore, there are five more programmes available for orthogonal images, and two each for TMJ exposures for functional diagnosis and for sinus images to display paranasal sinuses.

Fits into all surgeries

The slim, sophisticated design of the new VistaPano Panorama offers lots of possibilities when placing it in your surgery. Its sleek design catches eyes anywhere and does not occupy much space at a size of 1 m x 1.5 m x 2.3 m.

Imaging software DBSWIN for diagnostic support

The ergonomic, network-compatible imaging software DBSWIN automatically optimises all images, saves them and makes them available at all workstations. Diagnosis-assisting digital filters allow the contrast and sharpness of images to be further processed, enabling even more detailed diagnoses. DBSWIN supports DICOM environments and makes it possible to connect to third-party software with VistaEasy, ImageBridge and TWAIN. With the Durr Dental Imaging App, you also have immediate and easy access to your image data from an iPad.

Equipment Filter

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