Faro EVA LED Dental Operating Light

Dental operating lamp providing a new generation of Sunlike LED, benefiting from the similarity of natural sunlight for illumination and colour rendering.

Faro EVA LED Dental Operating Light


EVA marks a new age of technology by offering the highest standard of visual comfort and lighting experience to the medical team and the patient.

EVA recreates the ideal vision for a perfect balance of colour and depth.You can recognise every little detail of biological tissues, outlines and surfaces in an elliptical spot that is specific for the oral cavity.

Bright Bulb

The bright bulb on the lamp head immediately shows the level of illuminance and colour temperature.

Reflected Light

The patented, unique, reflected-light optical design ensures a well-defined light spot, preventing glare for patients.

Colour Temperature

Select the ideal color temperature for dental practice: 4000K, 5000K, 5700K and 2700K Composave function.

Eva Sunlight

EVA Sunlight provides a new generation of Sunlike LED, to benefit from the illumination, colour rendering and well-being; similar to natural sunlight.

It drives the operator through tiny details for an increasingly reliable, efficient and comfortable view. The bright bulb on the head shows the level of illumination in use.

Available with Faro Screen

Designed specifically for the EVA lamps, Faro Screen improves communication with the patient, avoiding any contamination to the head light.

The integrated mirror improves the communication with the patient in order to:

  • Inform about pathologies
  • Explain therapies
  • Understand expectations
  • The mirror can be instantly hidden by turning the front plate
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the snap-mounting with “plug and play” clips

Available with Theiatech

Theiatech is an LED lighting system that can be integrated in the rear arm of the EVA dental lamp to improve visibility in the pre-operative area, while balancing the illumination of the operative areas and reducing visual fatigue for the doctor, assistant and patient.

The Theiatech system is the answer to legislative requirements for visual performance and comfort in indoor operative areas.


  • Light spot dimension (at 700 mm): 190×100
  • Net shadow S-FX: 10x5mm
  • LED Technology
  • Unit, ceiling or wall mount options
  • 3rd axis rotation system
  • Head rotation > 360°
  • Easy to remove autoclavable handles
  • Memorisation of the last lux level
  • Bright indicator for illumination (gem)
  • Bright indicator for colour temperature (gem)
  • Power AC: 24Vac 50/60Hz – 32Vdc

5000k Sunlight:

  • Lux (at 700 mm): 50.000
  • Color temperature (K): 5000
  • CRI: 97
  • Rf: 97
  • Rg: 100

EVA Tunable White:

  • Lux (at 700 mm): 50.000 (4000K, 5000K, 5700K) / 11.000 (Composave)
  • Color temperature (k): 4000 / 5000 / 5700 / 2700 (Composave)
  • CRI : 95 (4000K )/ 97 (5000K) / 95 (5700K) / 96 (Composave)
  • Rf: 93
  • Rg: 102

Theiatech Version:

  • Power DC: 32Vdc 14VA (28VA)

Equipment Filter

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