StarDental 430 SWL High-Speed Handpiece

The 430 SWL Is The #1 Selling Fibre Optic Handpiece by DentalEz

StarDental 430 SWL High-Speed Handpiece


Ceramic Bearing Turbine

Extended handpiece turbine life with Ceramic Bearings! Ceramic bearings are 25% harder than stainless steel for higher resistance to damage from debris entering the turbine. They are also 50% lighter than stainless steel for reduced friction with the bearing retainer.

Solid Glass Rod Fibre-Optics

High quality fibre optic glass designed to withstand the rigors of steam sterilization, 5 Year Warranty on Fibre Optics.

LubeFree or Lubricated

2 Year Warranty on lubricated, 1 Year Warranty on LubeFree.

360° Quick-Connect HiFlo Swivel

Reduces tubing drag for greater operator comfort and allows quick-change of a multitude of StarDental handpieces at chairside without engaging and recoupling each handpiece after sterilization.

Small Head - High Torque Dental Handpiece Design

Improves accessibility and visibility. High power dental handpiece enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam to improve speed and quality of work and low noise level reduces possibility of auditory damage and can reduce patient anxiety.

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