Bien Air Tornado Turbine

30 Watt Turbine, the power to do more

Bien Air Tornado Turbine


  • Accu-Chuck PreciPlus - bur locking and vibration cancelling system for optimal stability and precision.
  • Accu Spray Quattro Mix with LED Illumination - with minimal noise interference, this new system converges four asymmetrical laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and even cooling of the operative field. Combined with a LED light, unobscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed.
  • Total Tact - nonslip scratch resistant coating for ergonomic advantage
  • Soft Push - for quick and easy bur release
  • Steady Torque - technology to reach an unequaled 30W cutting power
  • Sealed Head - to prevent fluid infiltration, reduce risk of cross-contamination and prolong ball bearings lifetime
  • Small head - for improved posterior access and pediatric use
  • Custom-designed ceramic ball bearings - for extended turbine life and lower operation noise
  • Cool Touch - anti-heating feature to assure patient safety

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