Heka UnicLine S Pillar Dental Chair

The elegant UnicLine S Pillar is a space-saving pillar unit in the well-known UnicLine S design, a beautiful, functional and Nordic design of high quality.

Heka UnicLine S Pillar Dental Chair

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The delivery system on the UnicLine S Pillar is identical to the iconic UnicLine S and thus has the same ergonomic balanced suspension of the instruments and the hygienic glass surface with integrated touch display that is easy and quick to clean. The UnicLine S Pillar is a true ambidextrous concept, so right and left handed dentists can easily work on the same unit.

Telescopic Arm

With a Pillar unit, the ergonomic telescopic arm is placed with the suction on the chair or possibly away from the unit behind the chair and still fully achieves the same flexibility and excellent ergonomics that is characteristic of all UnicLine models. The telescopic arm with the suction can easily be adjusted to work 180 degrees around the patient to avoid twisting the upper body when reaching for the suction. It can be adjusted from two to four-handed treatment or from right- to left-handed dentist in seconds.

UnicLine S Pillar is designed as minimalist as possible, with no unnecessary connections or other disruptive elements requiring very little space and is therefore very suitable for smaller clinic rooms.

Delivery System

The delivery system is of the same design and quality as known from UnicLine S. Below the glass surface the display and touch keys are integrated – they are only visible when relevant to the situation-specific function – creating a simple expression and avoiding eye strain. With a tempered glass surface, the most hygienic surface of a dental treatment unit has been created, and for ease of cleaning, the display and touch keys can be rendered inactive.

Light Ergonomics

The daily challenge of looking away from a patient's mouth to check instrument settings has been solved by projecting the instrument information down onto the patient’s napkin. This allows the dentist and assistant to glimpse at the settings of the active instrument in the corner of the eye and maintain focus in the patient’s mouth, without moving the eyes. This is called light ergonomics because the straining of the eyes is avoided from constantly shifting focus and light intensity.

Balanced Suspension

With the balanced suspension, the instruments are individually balanced and the long silicone hoses provide ergonomically correct working possibilities. The instruments are individually balanced so that your hand does not have to carry the instrument’s weight or experience external forces when performing your precision work. Balanced unit instruments reduce fatigue and increases the precision of the work.

Cleaning and Hygiene

With the automatic suction cleaning, a nozzle is activated at the end of the suction hoses, which continuously cleans the suction system with chemicals or just clean water and helps to keep the entire suction system clean and efficient. Regular flushing with active chemicals between patients or in the evening can ensure that colony forming units, germs and bacteria in the suction system are reduced.

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