Ancar Sd-580 - Series 5

Series 5 Hanging Hose Electronic Dental Chair Package with Touch Screen Technology and Wireless Pedal.

Ancar Sd-580 Touch ExpertTreatment Centre - Series 5

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Electronic Dental Chair controlled by microprocessor and touch screen technology with Built in “Aluminium Core®” anti corrosive aluminium alloy.

  • Suspension chair with vertical elevation, Trendelenburg movement and 5 position memories.
  • Removable and autoclavable porcelain spittoon and bowl rinse nozzle.
  • New support arm with adjustable height.
  • Air, water output, 220V volt socket and integrated USB port.
  • Wireless pedal.
  • Personalised programming for 4 different users.
  • Update Device System.

Composition :

  • Standard upholstery without seams.
  • Selective system for aspiration tubes.
  • 6F Syringe. Stainless steel.
  • Module for turbine with light.
  • Endodontics MX2 PRO Bien Air LED Micromotor.
  • SP Newtron Satelec Scaler.
  • LED Ayla 50.000 Lux hanging lamp.
  • TD-600 stool.
  • Dentapure waterline purification cartridge.

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