The Definitive Guide to Dental Equipment Servicing

Everything you might need to know about the role of the Dental Engineer including maintenance, repairs and servicing.

Dental Equipment Servicing

Over the past few months we have published a series of articles covering the maintenance of dental equipment. So, this page is designed to bring those together and create a snap-shot of the subjects we covered.

Dental equipment can generally last 10-15 years if properly utilized and maintained, so it is recommended to set-up a service schedule for all maintenance and certification intervals. Prevention of potential equipment break-downs is much better for the dental practice than repair work as a cure.

Annual servicing
carried out by our experienced and trained engineers will reduce the chance of problems. They can diagnose malfunctions in existing as well as newly purchased equipment using manufacturers service kits and special test and analysis instruments. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) will help to prevent equipment failure and ensure you are compliant to CQC guidelines. For a full synopsis of the importance of Dental Equipment servicing, read our article - Do I need to have my dental equipment serviced?

Dental engineers offer an invaluable service in a dental practice to keep essential machinery functioning and limiting costly downtime that may result from equipment failure. There are many negative outcomes to equipment breakdowns. They could :-

  • Effect the patient’s experience
  • Cause frustration to the user
  • Lead to rebooking of patients

The engineering of dental equipment covers electrical, mechanical and pneumatic parts and dental engineers have a significant role in assembling, installing, maintaining, modifying, repairing and servicing the equipment. Some of the parts may get damaged or wear-out over time and faulty equipment can pose a danger to patients and the professional.

Our team of in-house dental engineers can cover the servicing, maintenance and repair of any type of equipment within the practice, including:

  • Dental Chairs and Treatment Centres
  • Suction Equipment
  • Air Compressors
  • Autoclaves
  • X-ray machines
  • Washer Disinfectors
  • Small equipment such as handpieces

Check out this article – The Ultimate Guide to Dental Engineering to discover the tasks and activities an engineer will undertake for each of these service assignments.

Call-out services are essential if a piece of equipment fails. We always endeavour to attend to repair calls as soon as possible, but if you need an engineer urgently, you can choose our emergency service. See this article - Emergency Engineer and Call-Out for more details.

Dental equipment repairs
can be a costly endeavour, especially with an older machine. Then the decision will have to be made whether to keep it going for a while longer or replace it with a more updated piece of equipment. Before deciding whether to repair or replace, check the equipment’s age, any issues (previous repairs and ongoing problems), warranty and usage. And, if you would like more information on this subject including our engineer’s top tips and frequently asked questions, check out this page – Dental Equipment: Repair or Replace.

Dental equipment rentals
are another option. Consequently, all maintenance and equipment services are covered, giving you peace of mind and much less to worry about.

Contact our team on 01322 421156 to discuss our rental service and the equipment available.

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Reconditioned Dental Equipment are available from our service team, refurbished using manufacturer parts. We also have ex-showroom chairs, which have had no surgical usage. See our Used Equipment listings here and our Heka Dental chair clearance promotion.

As experts in dental practice design, equipment installation and dental engineering we are always excited about new tech and advances in dental equipment and not only how this can facilitate the dental professional, but how this can also enhance the patient experience. And, just for further reading on the subject of how passionate dental engineers are about the equipment they maintain, take a look out our blog post on Using technology to help improve patient experience.

Dental Equipment Engineering Team

Our customers enjoy responsive, efficient, and on time service from our in-house team of trained engineers. We provide all of the services outlined above, although planned service visits with our service schedule will ensure your assurance.

Free, unlimited technical support is available. Just give us a call on the number below, or complete the request form and we will do our best to help you resolve your issue.

Free telephone support:
01322 421156
Email contact:

We are strategically located in Dartford, Kent with its excellent road connections to London and the Home Counties via the M25, M20, M2 and A2. We are also only 15 miles from the City of London enabling us to service a wide area with speed and efficiency.

The main areas we cover:
Dental Engineering London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Suffolk.

We do cover the rest of the UK, please enquire with our service team.

Ok, so we hope that covers everything. If you would like more information on our services then please contact us on 01322 293333, email or use this contact form. And if you found these articles informative and would like to receive others directly to your email, then please subscribe.

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