Surgery Fit-Out Series: Layout Design

Part 1 of our video series covering dental surgery layouts and cabinetry for improved workflows and patient experience.

At Eclipse Dental the surgery is the most requested design and refurbishment space we receive, and as the heart of the dental practice the environment needs to reduce anxiety for patients undergoing treatment, as well as providing pleasant and operationally effective working conditions, complying with regulations and be easy to clean.

The design of the surgery should incorporate some very important aspects to achieve a harmonious balance of personal preference, aesthetics and functionality.

The main areas for consideration are: The layout of the surgery which would include cabinetry, the dental chair or treatment centre, lighting and potentially decontamination activities.

This series of videos will examine these in more detail and suggest possible options. We will start with the surgery layout.

The most commonly used layout is the L-Shaped worktop formation with the head of the chair pointing towards the internal corner of the units. This can be easily adapted to suit most buildings and where size is restrictive. Typically, a surgery will be designed for a right-handed dentist and if a left-handed user were to share this surgery, then they would normally adjust to work right-handed. In these cases, consideration should be given to the position of the chair to allow for flexibility.

Surgery Fit-Out Series: Layout Design

Cabinetry storage is provided by a single or double run of cupboards and space can be allocated for a Mobile or Mounted Delivery Unit.

Another efficient cabinetry layout is the U-Shape. With space permitting this can be effective for an Ambidextrous layout, providing space on both sides of the chair with the positioning of sinks either side: one for hand wash and one clinical sink. The chair position and orientation also allows for easy patient accessibility.

Surgery Fit-Out Series: Layout Design

A redesign of the cabinetry can dramatically improve the workflow and customer experience of a surgery. Our project managers and designers have achieved this at dental practices such as Guildford Orthodontics.

A complete fit-out with Belmont chairs and Sedona cabinetry offered easier movement for the dentist and assistant, a more desirable view for the patient and a cleaner, lighter and more professional appearance overall.

Surgery Fit-Out Series: Layout Design

Flooring is a very important aspect of the surgery and is often over-looked when not designed by expert dental fit-out specialists. The type of surface should be designed to protect staff and patients by being durable, hygienic and easy to maintain.

As with the 1 Harley Street surgery of Dr Jonathan Hall we decided to remove the raised floor, which eliminated a step into the surgery and services were moved below the original floor. Skirting boards were removed and replaced with seamless flooring, which was run-up the wall slightly, creating a more aesthetic look and being much easier to clean.

Surgery Fit-Out Series: Layout Design

The next video in this series will cover dental chairs and delivery systems.

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