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Ancar interactive technology gives professionals new experiences and applications to make their work more precise, safer and more dynamic.

Ancar chairs are designed to last and provide peace of mind for professionals: details such as no joints and corners on the instrument tray favour the cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment. Everything is integrated to create a unit of clear and simple elegance with a touch of distinction.

Our Ancar chair package promotion will run until the end of September 2021 and includes the following discounts and benefits:

£500 Off All Ancar Chair Packages

Series 1

Series 1 is the obvious answer for the dental professional looking for easy access to all of its excellent and intelligent features. They are well designed and well-constructed and are always ready for easy modification, offering numerous accessories to suit your needs and preferences.

series 1 chairs

Series 3

The Series 3 Touch Expert offers dentistry professionals the maximum aspiration in work comfort, patient well-being and precision in actions with the peace of mind of an approved and tested reliability. Design the layout of the instrument to suit you, with 5 positions in the main tray and 3 for the assistant: modular, programmable and expandable.

series 3 chairs

Series 5

The principle behind Series 5 is comfort and ergonomics for doctor and assistant with total freedom for more natural movement and maximum flexibility in work positions. The Series 5 has been conceived to make your interventions simpler, more agile and more effective. The suspended chair improves working accessibility, with an elevation range of between 380 and 800 mm for working sitting or standing.

series 5 chairs

Series 7

The precise representation of elegance mixed with ergonomics, providing an exclusive result for all the dental specialists across the globe who seek practicality, comfort and perfection not only in their work, but also in their patients’ experience. Discover the endless possibilities of the S7 chairs together with the Scandinavian Alone versions.

series 7 chairs

For more information about Ancar Dental see our dedicated page here.

Soft Drive Upholstery Half Price

Relaxation that looks and feels great. Thanks to an especially soft upholstery that adapts to the contours of the patient, which optimises its position and allows the dentist to work efficiently and the patient to be at ease even during the longest treatments. There are 12 soft-touch colours for superior comfort in this dental chair upholstery range.

Normally = £428.00, Promotion Price = £214.00.

Free Quick Connections Kit

Available for all Ancar chair packages (except for Sd-60 / S1).

Quick Connection Kit for:

  • USB Port
  • Air
  • Water
  • 230v Power (useful for connecting auxiliary devices such as scalers)

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