COVID-19 Updates from Eclipse Dental

Disposable Visors, PPE Supplies and other equipment and services related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eclipse Dental Covid-19 Policy

We are open for essential works to enable our customers to provide emergency treatments. We are also helping to prepare dental practices for re-opening with improved cross-infection measures and servicing equipment to minimise the risk of breakdown.

We are working to the measures set out below:

  • We will try to help you on the phone or by video meeting and only make a visit if we are unable to help remotely
  • We request that if we are asked to visit customer’s premises that they make every reasonable effort to ensure that there is the minimum number of staff present, there is high standard of cleanliness and that there are no staff showing signs of symptoms or have been in contact with those with symptoms
  • Our staff will regularly use hand sanitiser
  • We will maintain social distancing
  • We will not ask for a signature after the work is completed but request your name for the record on the job sheet
  • The safety and health of our staff and our customers is our priority

COVID-19 Related Products and Services

Disposable Visors

Single use, one size fits all, anti-mist headband visor designed as an additional barrier of protection.

Currently in stock and priced at £117.00 for 100 + VAT and carriage.

Call 01322 292222 or email


Reusable Visors

Maximum full face protection with a wipe clean reusable visor and adjustable head band.

Currently in stock and priced at £125.00 for 100 + VAT and carriage.

Call 01322 292222 or email


Hand Sanitiser

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 9 x 250ml

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser, available in: 9 x 250ml, 5 litre and 25 Litre Alcohol free with moisturiser, Food safe and confirms to DIN EN1040, EN1276

Currently in stock: 9 x 250ml = £54.00 + VAT and carriage.

Please ask regarding other sizes.


Non-Alcoholic Spray and Wipe Disinfection

METASYS GREEN&CLEAN SK/MK contains quaternary ammonium compounds as an active ingredient and is highly effective against enveloped viruses. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus.

These products are available based on current stocks.

Call 01322 292222 or email

Full list of PPE prices and availability

Dentapure Independent Water Cartridge

Ensuring Dental Unit waterline safety has never been easier: providing clean, safe dental water for an effective infection control protocol.

Special Offer £157.00 excluding carriage


Handpiece Cleaning & Lubrication Machine

The key to high performance and longer life of your handpieces is correct maintenance performed at regular intervals. This unit automatically cleans and lubricates up to 3 handpieces at one time with a touch of a button.

Special Price - £799.00 + Installation


Decontamination Room Design

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to maximise the separation of decontamination work from clinical activity within the constraints of space and room availability. We have designed and installed many decontamination units from dedicated rooms to areas within the treatment room. This article gives an overview of the possible layouts, equipment and case studies of our projects.

read more

We are in unprecedented times and we are seeing extraordinary things happening around us. Eclipse Dental is open and committed to serving our customers during this difficult time.

You may wish to consider taking the opportunity at this current time to:

  • Plan a refurbishment project – send us some photos and we can give advice and estimates. We don’t have to meet!
  • Carry out any routine servicing that is due within the next 3 months. Payment plans are available.

We have engineers available for emergency repairs.

If there are products of any kind that you require at this time, please let us know as we have contacts within the industry for sourcing a wide range of products and equipment!

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