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Ancar Dental Chair Discount Promotion

Ancar interactive technology gives professionals new experiences and applications to make their work more precise, safer and more dynamic. Read →

07 Nov, 2017

Dental Cabinets for Surgeries & Decontamination Rooms

Our guide to dental cabinetry including design, layout, compliance, materials and colours. With images of modern surgeries and decontamination areas. Read →

22 Sep, 2017

Comprehensive Dental Air Compressor Guide

As Dental Fit-out specialists, we have designed many practices which have included the supply and installation of a dental air compressor. Read →

15 Aug, 2017

Decontamination Room Design

Advice and design for decontamination areas to prevent and control infection. Read →

11 Aug, 2017

Do I need to have my dental equipment serviced?

Reasons for annual dental equipment servicing and maintenance and how we can advise and assist in this area. Read →

07 Aug, 2017

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